Southern Environmental Equipment sells a full line of chemicals and soaps for all your company needs. For any additional information and pricing on our chemicals or soaps please call our office at (352) 360-0036.

Our chemicals and soaps include:

Aluminum Sulfate — PH adjuster

Sodium Hypochlorite — sanitizing agent

55FSCHCLF Liquid Microbes — Liquid digestant used to eliminate odors, digest grease, fats and oils, reduces Hydrogen sulfide, Lowers BTEX levels, lowers BOD and COD, Lowers TSS and FOG, reduces Organic solids and improves operational efficiency.

Surface Logix — Cleans and Seals multiple surfaces, (brick pavers, concrete, and natural stone) used on driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways and more.

Soap — SEE-50T all-purpose degreaser used on heavy duty for use in pressure washers for cleaning large equipment, over the road tractor trailers and other types of commercial equipment

SEE-ZNT — Vehicle/equipment cleaner for use in pressure washers safe for use on all surfaces.

De-Foamer — Liquid defoamer used to provide the best possible defoaming performance available.