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Biological Recycle/Discharge Systems:

  • Low maintenance
  • Low operating cost
  • Simple Equipment Operation

WLP Series Wastewater Treatment Systems:

  • Quality recycled wash-water without common odor problems
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Poly skid is constructed of hardened polymer to be non-corrosive. It can be easily lifted and moved with a forklift from all four sides.

Portable wash pads and many other units also available. We offer a wide variety of systems and will help you decide what unit would best fit your companies' applications. Get the best wastewater treatment systems Florida has to offer!

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Benefits of owning your own system:

Cost Effective

Mi-T-M's wastewater systems are designed to last over 10 years if maintained correctly. With that longevity, these systems can save you thousands of dollars over the years by allowing you to reuse wastewater. It's common for indivudals who need system like this to have very high monthly water bills. With a system update, you'll be able to drastically cut down your use of water.

Reduces Disease

Contaminants can easily get into your water source, leading to countless problems. Our treatment systems counteract this problem by eliminating harmful bacteria, thus stopping the problem before it starts. Less disease is beneficial financially and economically for your business.

Low Maintenance

These systems require less upkeep than you might think. Since these systems last for years they only require monthly maintenance checks to keep them running at their peak. Instead of confronting your water problems each month you can let our systems take care of it. Early on in the process, we work with each company individually to determine the proper maintenance plan.

Cleaner Water for Reuse

The most obvious benefit of wastewater systems is that they clean the water and create a sustainable system for you to reuse water from. Water is one of our most valuable resources so instead of letting it go to waste, do your part and recycle it. Our systems make it as easy as possible for you produce cleaner water.

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