Wet-Dry Vacuum FAQs

What are the filtration levels of the SEE Wet-Dry Vacuum?

Filter efficiency of the SEE wet/dry vacuum is 99.5% to 1.0 micron (optional HEPA filter 99.77% efficient to 0.3 micron). Filtration efficiency ratings indicate the size of the particles which will be trapped by the filter thus preventing those particles to reach the motor or channeled out through the exhaust. Most paper filters found in homeowner wet/dry vacuums are not rated for micron efficiency, however, many are rated as high as 50 -100 micron. Most industrial filters will have micron ratings from 1 - 10 micron at 95 to 99.5% efficiency. In addition, HEPA filters are available as an optional accessory for many industrial vacuums. HEPA filters are designed for hazardous material such as asbestos and lead paint. These filters are rated at 99.97% efficiency to .3 micron.

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