Air Compressor FAQs

What are the advantages of using compressed air vs. other power sources?

The advantages are many and are summarized in the following list:

  • Safety is one of the biggest advantages. Electrical shock potential is greatly reduced.
  • Typically, pneumatic tools will weigh less than electric tools and make the tools more ergonomically friendly.
  • Compressed air has more flexibility than electrical tools because the compressor can be made to be mobile. Either in the case of engine driven units or wheeled portables that can be moved around at the job site.
  • Compressed air can be regulated which permits varying pressure range uses within one piping system.
  • In almost all cases, the air tool's initial purchase cost is less than comparable electric or hydraulic tools.
  • Compressed air distribution systems are easier and less costly to install than electrical grids and less demanding than hydraulic system lines. The compressed air system can be modified for multiple points of use.
  • Air tools have less maintenance and down time than hydraulic tools. They also will not burn the air tool motor up like an electric tool could in low electrical voltage situations.
  • Air tools run cooler because the expanded air dissipates the heat of operation as the air passes through the tool.
  • Compressed air system leakage will not contaminate a work place.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Air Compressors: